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Office Wellness Solutions is ready to work with you to:

1.  Provide your office with a complete line of advanced nutraceuticals with an exclusive health providers' label, so it's not available anywhere else.  We offer a wide array of products to permit you to provide specific regimens for almost any health area, and many of our products have a superior design to ensure the highest absorption availability of any product on the market.

2.  Provide your office with a low glycemic index weight management system that includes: low glycemic eating principles; behavior modification; exercise programs; support materials; a coaching system to ensure success; and clinically-trialed supplements. We even have a complete program designed for children.

3.  Two different tests to help you determine your patients' wellness needs, and to help you create a customized wellness plan for each patient.

4.  Accredited CME education -- a 2-day AMA accredited CME program to teach you the science behind today's advanced nutraceuticals.

5.  A consultant to work with your office to integrate our program at no cost to you.  We assist with set-up, marketing, IT support, and on-going education for your staff and patients to ensure your success.

6.  An e-commerce enabled web portal to provide a convenient method for patients to re-order products and to provide detailed product information.  

7.  Unprecedented revenue for your office -- not reliant on insurance companies or the government.  Most offices can generate a six-figure income in about a year.

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