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The 5 Challenges Facing Health Care Practitioners Today

1.  Over the last 10 - 12 years, what has happened to your income?  If you are like most of your peers, it has stayed relatively flat.

2.  In that same period of time, how much have your expenses gone up?  If you are like most of your peers, it has increased by about 30% or more.

3.  And how has your workload changed?  Again, if you are like your peers, it has probably doubled in terms of number of patients you have to see, and the manpower load to process all of the insurance claims.

4.  Do you have to rely on insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid?  Most do - there is very little cash practice.

5.  The respect you had 20 years ago is long gone.  Then you were ranked #1, now you are #11.


Is this what you want?  Is this why you went to school all those years, and most likely incurred huge tuition debts.  Is this the type of practice you want?  Or do you wish you could go back to taking the time to improve your patients' wellness?

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